The Garden Of Bells

The Garden Of Bells

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A soft music, in a wonderfully suggested nature, with bells gently hovering around...

Perfect for meditation, hypnosis background...

  • A 36 mn long music file.

  • This music is copyrighted by Eric Beaufils-Piraud.

    It has been created with adding some chimes by (Creative Commons Attribution Licence).

    General Copyright information :

    Apart from Innervisions consultants, using this music to any public audience, free or paying, is strictly forbidden, as well as downloading or using it as a background music for meditation or hypnotherapy.

    Innervisions consultants copyright information :

    Though, a royalty free licence is offered by Eric Beaufils-Piraud to Innervisions certified consultants, providing that a quote of the chimes by paulsounds111 is done as follow :

    created with adding some chimes by (Creative Commons Attribution Licence)

    Thank you !

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